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The introductory price of Robotic Process Automation services as an upfront cash option. This payment provides:

- 100 Billable Hours of Process Automation Service at $365/hour


Results-based Payment Models are also available. Please contact Siebert Strategia LLC for detailed pricing models.

Process Automation Service [Level 1]

SKU: A100001
  • This is the introductory price for the Process Automation and Engineering Service. Final Payment value will be determined based on scope of work, please reach out to Siebert Strategia LLC before purchase.

    Result-based Payment Models are available. Please contact for further details.

  • Services can be reversed for full reimbursedment if within 24 hours of the purchase of the service in question. After 24 hours, reimbursements are not permitted in any situation. 

    There is one standard revision included in the service, however the definition of success for this projcet and number of revisions must be discussed in initial conservations.

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